Dangerous Mouses:

Dangerous mouses is a class/training/practice. For 2 hours we work on a continuous flow adressing release principles, strength, coordination, cardio-vascular condition, spatial awareness, balance and concentration.

We start with simple movement patterns both to warm up and loosen up joints. We move on to simple movement in the space (walking/running) activating the use of both focal and peripheral vision, working on spatial awareness and the relation to gravity through a softening of the body.

The work continues with short movement patterns repeated as we travel across the room, gradually increasing the complexity and the intensity of the exercises. We propose the challenge of working through release, rebound, soft joints, in a very energetic and active practice. The focus of the work moves through intensity (condition), coordination and joint release. Participants follow at their own pace, while the repetition of patterns emphasizes the work on qualities and sensations over the form of the movement. Each participant investigates the application of the principles on their own body.
We cool down through slower patterns that focus on articulation, coordination and softening of the joints. Exercises in couples or manipulations are introduced for the final cooling down.

Dangerous mouses proposes all throughout a radical practice of concentration and self-observation. Each participant takes responsibility for their own work in physical continuum of 2 hours. DM proposes the challenge of not taking one’s own body for granted, working with awareness throughout the tiredness of an intensive practice. The physical intensity stimulates the development of condition, strength, flexibility, coordination and concentration. But it also proposes a conjunction of exhaustion and awareness that helps us to overcome habits and change patterns of movement and thought.